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On the 19th June 2014, Butterwick Pre-School Playgroup was judged as “outstanding in all areas” by Ofsted. Below are some snippets from the Ofsted report.

How well the early years provision meets the needs of the range of children who attend.

"The staff team at Butterwick Pre-School Playgroup are highly skilled teachers. They have such a good knowledge and understanding of how young children learn. Staff are playful and enthusiastic practitioners. They get the balance of between adult-led and child-initiated activities just right and this allows the children the freedom to direct their own learning as well as benefiting from direct teaching methods. Children are learning how to learn from the excellent role modelling of staff and this is setting children up for a lifelong love of learning and inquisitiveness. Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities are very well supported. Children who speak English as an additional language are fully included and the progress they make in spoken English is excellent. Equality and diversity is highly valued. Staff meet all children’s individual needs to a high standard."

The effectiveness of the leadership and management of the early years provision.

"Leadership and management is excellent. The owner and manager are inspirational leaders who put their hearts and souls into everything they do for the benefit of the children and families they serve. Staff are highly motivated and morale is high because of how valued they feel by the owner and manager. This is actively contributing to the excellent standards of care and education children receive. Safeguarding is at the forefront of all the staff’s minds because they want to protect the children that they care for. The safeguarding culture that has been fostered by the owner and the manager is very effective on protecting children from harm."

Full report can be viewed here.